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Welcome to our new website!

I would like to take a brief moment to introduce myself and Lehigh Bullets.

My name is David Fricke. I am a lifelong outdoorsman supporting my hobby as owner of a machine shop.

I began producing machined bullets four years ago after meeting a gentleman at my gun club that was shooting a .95 caliber rifle. Yes, that is not a typo, .95 as in almost an inch!. Anyway he was running out of bullets and after seeing a sample, I designed and started machining them for him for exchange for some trigger time on his rifle. The bullets, by luck, happened to shoot exceptionally well. I enjoyed making them and then began my quest as a “backyard ballistician”.

I began researching projectile design and monolithic bullets and quickly came across the Fifty Caliber Shooter’s Association. Through the FCSA, I have had the assistance of many of the members in developing designs, testing, and understanding the needs of 50 BMG shooters. Upon attending my first 1,000 yard match, I was completely awestruck by what these people were accomplishing. It is remarkable that there is still a science that is being advanced not in a laboratory by paid employees, but out on a range by hobbyists. I tip my hat to all of you in the pursuit accuracy.

Lehigh Bullets was started to assist in this pursuit. We have designed a comprehensive line of .510 caliber bullets for the match shooter, plinker, and hunter. All are designed and produced with one goal foremost – accuracy. In order to achieve accuracy, the bullets are machined on modern cnc equipment eliminating dimensional variation to maintain consistent output.

We will continue developing new designs to further the advancement of the sport. Send us your thoughts and ideas; we would love to hear from you. Thank you for visiting our site, if you have any questions please Email Me and shoot well and often.

David Fricke

Lehigh Bullets

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